Generation Beauty Haul!

Hi everyone!! We’re back from an awesome weekend in Toronto! My husband and his friend brought me to Generation Beauty, while they strolled around town. (Aren’t they amazing! :)) It was quite a fun weekend, I was able to meet entrepreneurs, beauty bloggers, YouTubers, etc. Although, I was late to buy the early bird tickets, itRead more

Unboxing/ First Impression: May- My first IPSY Bag!

  Hi everyone!! Welcome back! For today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you my first Ipsy-Unboxing! I’m so excited, you have no idea. I got my package in the mail this afternoon and haven’t opened it yet. I decided to open it with you, so all reaction is authentic! haha! What made me decide toRead more

INSPIRED: Makeup look – Snapchat Filter

  Hi everyone!! I’m back with a new video!! 🙂 *YAY* I was watching Nicole Guerriero’s video of her version of the Snapchat filter and wanted to try it out! I love trying out different makeup styles! Since I saw her video, I asked my husband to get me those jewels at Michaels, because IRead more

Unboxing: Marvel CollectorCorps – Which Side Are You On?

  One thing I really love is comic books! I love anything and everything that is Marvel. Luckily my husband and I share the same feelings, haha! We subscribed for the Marvel Collector Corps subscription box, a year ago. You get a box once every other month, basically you get six boxes in a year.Read more

Review – Maybelline Fit Me Foundation & Concealer

  Alrighty, let’s begin! I haven’t bought drugstore makeup in a longtime! I heard a lot of good things about the Maybelline foundation and concealer, so I was excited to try it out. I also wanted to broaden my makeup range. I have a few named brand makeup and I wanted to have a few drugstore to compareRead more

A day in Montreal

We went to Montreal to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. She said she wanted to visit the Barbie Expo in Montreal, so my husband and I decided to bring her. It was super fun! We saw different types of Barbies, some were  wearing Victorian era dresses and some had pop culture references. The best part of the expoRead more

Drugstore Haul! :)

  My first drugstore haul! 😀 I haven’t bought drugstore makeup in a longtime! I’m super excited to try these out. I was watching a few of my favorite Beauty YouTubers and thought, why not try those makeup out! So, I went to Jean Coutu and Walmart to check out what they had and boughtRead more