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Happy Thursday, I hope you all had a wonderful day. I finally gave in and bought the Yes Please! palette from Colourpop and I also got a few other things from them. Liiiiiike their concealers and pressed powder bronzer. Oh and I can’t forget the lip products!

Here’s my little haul!

So, let’s talk about the concealers. Colourpop has around 15 shades of concealers and they are $6.00USD a pop. Which is about $8-10 give or take in Canadian dollars. Their concealers are said to be lightweight with a matte finish. I saw some people use this as a foundation. I thought it was pretty cool and I actually tried it. Haha! Wanted to see if it really is full coverage.

They really live up to what they say – it’s definitely creamy. It reminds me of the Urban Decayย NAKED SKIN Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. I’ve also heard some people compare it to the Tarte Shape Tape. Unfortunately, I can’t really give an opinion on it as I don’t have the Shape Tape. haha!

The No Filter concealer is about 0.14 oz. So If you compare it to the Urban Decay one, the Naken Skin is about 16 oz. You get a bit less from Colourpop but for $6 I’ll take it haha!

From top to bottom: Deep 70, Golden 60, Medium Tan 35 and Light 20


I used it today and found that it covered really well. It didn’t even crease. (pic below)I even took a nap and it didn’t even budge. I would definitely recommend it. Plus it’s under $10, a definite steal!DSCN7288.JPG

Omg, so the Yes Please! is so cute! Definitely lives up to the palette’s cover. This reminds me somewhat of the Modern Renaissance Palette. The palette is $16USD so about $18-20 canadian dollars. It has 12 shadows and is about 0.03 oz per shadow. If you compare it to the Modern Renaissance palette, you pay $55 canadian dollars for 14 shadows and is about 0.02oz. You get a little less in the pans but you get 2 extra shadows.

The Yes Please! palette is extremely pigmented but also has fallout. I found that since the palette is white it gets dirty easily. (Check picture down below for the swatches, you can also see that the palette is a bit stained…) Other than that, I absolutely love this palette. I would’ve changed the palette’s color so that the mess wouldn’t show but for less than $20 it’s a good deal.


Up next, it’s the Rose Quartz Crystal Lip Balm. It says that it has a rose-gold flip once you put it on. It contains Vitamin E and real crystals. You can use it as a lip balm or before putting your favorite liquid lipstick. I love the packaging, this little guy is $5 USD so about $7-8 canadian dollars. I tried putting this without any liquid lipstick and found that it made my lips looks chappy… I love the idea, but it’s not for me. I also tried using this before my liquid lip and I like it. It didn’t make my lips feel dry at all. I’d say you can skip this one… If you like a simple lip balm with no color, this isn’t for you. But if you are into trying new things, I’d say go for it. This concept reminds me of the ’00s style haha.


Iluvsarahii’s Arriba Liquid Lipstick is an absolutely lovely shade. It’s a true red and it has become my favorite! Can’t really say much about it. If you are looking for a true red shade that won’t make you break that bank. Go check out her collab!


Finally, the compact pressed powder bronzer. I wanted to try this out, but it didn’t really wow me. It was pretty meh. I love how pigmented, but if you are looking for a matte bronzer. This isn’t the one for you, since it has a little bit of sparkles in it. But if you want that sunkissed look, then this is the one for you! Plus it isn’t that expensive! ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s pretty much it. Most of what I bought was a hit. You can’t have it all unfortunately. I hope my review was able to help you out. Shoot a comment below if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!

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