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Happy Hump Day! I hope you had an awesome day! Today’s post is all about the Makeup Eraser. I know, I’m super late in the game. I just didn’t feel like spending my money on it. Luckily for me, I saved up all my Charm points and was able to redeem my points through the BoxyCharm site. I was able to snag this before it was sold out. (Side note, I also got two Real Her brushes and the Pur – No Filter Blurring Photography Primer. I’ll also be reviewing soon)

It says that you can use this cloth up to a 1,000 times. This is worth $24CAD on the Sephora website.

I did two colorful looks and used the Make Up Eraser to remove my makeup afterwards.

I first used it to remove my lipstick. I used the MAC – So Chaud lipstick. I found that It was easy to remove. Afterwards, I moved towards my eyes. I found that it was a bit hard to remove, I really had to go in and scrub… Which I’m not a big fan of… I don’t like pressing on my face too much… Anyway, I didn’t used any makeup remover, I just used the cloth and water. It did remove my makeup which is good. But it was quite hard removing the mascara. I had a bit leftover that came off after washing my face. I’ll be posting my nighttime routine soon. For now, I’ve filmed a quick demo on how I used this product.

Overall, would I recommend this? Well, if you wear light makeup on the daily, yes. If you like to go all out… I’d pass, unless you like to rub your eyes with a bit more pressure than the usual. I’d opt for a good cleansing oil to remove my makeup.

I hope my review helped you out! 🙂 Thanks for reading and comment below if there anything you would like me to try out.

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